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Welcome to our Club!


We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Stevens-Henager College
16819 N. Marketplace Blvd.
Nampa, ID  83687
United States
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Our event this year is Wednesday, July 19th at Ridgecrest Golf course.
Please reach out to your network of friends, family and businesses that would be interested in supporting this great event.
We need your help in spreading the word and getting our community involved.
Information and registration is provided online as well at:
We are still recruiting for sponsorships and teams.  All opportunities are still available.
Contact Dan Walters at 3915homes@gmail.com or call 208.287.5450 with any questions or concerns.
Let's make this another great year!
Posted by Marie Baker on Mar 26, 2017
Please take a moment to view this video by DGN Jennifer Deroin regarding Membership relevance and vibrancy.
We just had our President Elect Training several weeks ago and the new President Elects set their goals for the upcoming year 2017-2018.   One way to meet the goals of expanding membership is to survey your members to determine their level of engagement in your club and what changes may be necessary to enhance the Rotary experience.  Here is a link to a survey to use. Feel free to connect with Marie Baker if you have questions on how to conduct the survey electronically.
Take the time to reach out to those in your club who are interested in membership and have them register for the Club Training in Twin Falls or Boise.  We will be discussing recruitment, engagement, and retention of Rotary members.

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Nampa, ID    83653
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