Speaker Date Topic
Andy Dodson Oct 24, 2017
United Way Project
Pres. Bob Kustra, BSU Oct 31, 2017
Learning Peace Camp leaders Nov 07, 2017
Teaching our children to live peacefully in the world
Teaching our children to live peacefully in the world

The camp focuses on helping children learn skills for living peacefully in the world. . The curriculum focuses on promoting a connection to nature, dissecting and understanding media (advertising, social media, cyber bullying, etc), teaching mindfulness of self (self awareness, calming techniques, mindfulness of movement, feelings, choices we make, etc)...and by exploring and teaching awareness and skills in these three areas, prepares campers for learning and being able to implement peaceful conflict resolution techniques. 

Darrell Bolz Nov 14, 2017
Joint meeting with Kiwanis Nov 21, 2017
Scott Krieling - Regence Blue Shield Nov 28, 2017
Beatrice Brailsford - Snake River Alliance Dec 05, 2017
Waste Storage Situation in Idaho
Hope House kids Dec 12, 2017
Music Program
No meeting today - Holiday Party tonight! Dec 19, 2017
No meeting today Dec 26, 2017
Service Day at Nampa Family Shelter Jan 02, 2018
Brian Marshall - AmeriBen/IEC Group Feb 06, 2018